A used bookstore on the brink of a shutdown, an owner on the brink of a meltdown. 

Small business owner, Fawn Birchill has a passion for her work that breaks the social norms and boundaries of what one would expect to find in a little bookshop in Philadelphia. She goes to great lengths to keep her business afloat, such as hiring author impersonators for book signings, secretly selling her elderly tenant’s furniture to make ends meet, and making her employees dress up in ridiculous costumes just to get customers through her doors. When her schemes fall apart she becomes the laughingstock of the community, and is forced to come to terms with her own warped world-view. In her desperation, Fawn cycles through disgruntled employees, wages a cold war on the indie bookstore down the street, and nearly causes the downfall of her self-proclaimed last great American bookstore. Will she ever see things as they are, or is she doomed to remain forever lost in the fantasy section?