Set in present day Philadelphia, A GREATER MESS tells the story of two very different sisters, forced to reconnect after years apart. When Zoey, an eccentric performance artist turned receptionist, loses her apartment, she is left with nowhere else to turn. Her straight-laced older sister and flower shop owner Sofia jumps to the occasion and offers her a place to stay, hoping another’s presence in the house will help repair her failing marriage. While Sofia hatches a plan to become pregnant – whether her husband likes it or not – Zoey fosters a romantic relationship with the CEO of her company. As Zoey and her new boyfriend work to keep their relationship secret from the company, she learns just how different they are from each other.

When her husband discovers Sofia’s attempts at getting pregnant, their marriage begins to fall apart like a poorly tied bouquet. Meanwhile Zoey is fired from her job for inadvertently revealing her relationship with the CEO through an art project she displayed in his office. Amidst their personal drama, Sofia and Zoey drift further apart.

With their relationships careening out of control, the sisters realize their only hope of rescue is each other – if only they can swallow their pride long enough to ask for help.